(Return to Country at The DAG Programme)

THURSDAY 22nd - 11am till 2pm


Graham Rodger2

Graham will deliver his 5th show at The DAG - Australia To Me is a collection of award winning songs and favourites of his many fans.

Since resigning as a Queensland Ambulance Officer and becoming a fulltime professional entertainer, Graham has made a huge impact on the country music industry. His name has become synonymous with the writing and recording of high quality Australian ballads.  Keeping Australia and Australians as the major themes for his ballads ensures that Graham will always uphold the traditions cemented into our culture by the late Slim Dusty.  Slim was one of the many within the industry who acknowledged Graham's exceptional writing skills and was pleased on several occasions to record his material.  One of the most notable was “You Can’t Take Australia From Me”.  The message in this ballad so impressed Slim that the family had Dick Smith recite it as a poem at his funeral. Graham has always greatly appreciated this gesture and has never under-estimated this acknowledgement.

In 1998 as a full time entertainer Graham released his first album.  In just sixteen years Graham has amassed over seventy major country music awards, including the Golden Guitar and Hands of Fame.

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